Monday, November 28, 2011

1.12 Enough Already.

Vance stays up late to do the dishes. He wonders what he can do to help his daughters get along again. At this rate, neither one of the girls are going to have a throat.

It is pointless thinking too much about it. So get gets ready for bed. He pulls his wife over to him playfully, and gives her a deep sensual kiss. Jordan looked back into her husbands eyes and smiled. Even though everything is going up and down, she knows she has a man who loves her and needs her much the same.

Rue is in the kitchen cooking breakfast for the family, while he mother gets the girls ready. All this stress has put Ana into clean mode. She is tempted to talk to her sister, but decideds against it.

She goes to make Rue’s bed instead. Not to be nice, but because she is a messy tart and Ana can't deal with the mess.

That night, Jordan and Vance watch their little red head play, from the bedroom window. Both parents know how hard she is taking this, and if it is the music that soothes her soul. Then so be it.

Everyone had been so busy, that no one noticed the rotting food in the fridge. While Vance is out making money Jordan finds it harder to find things to do.

So everything her husband leaves the house, she starts to work out. That way she can talk to their youngest daughters while they play the blocks.

Vance gets out to enjoy the sunshine to relax - but as we know, Vance does not know relaxing unless he has those drum sticks in his hands. He made about $71, not too great, but they are getting there.

That night the family all gathered outside, well Jordan was inside asleep on the couch. It has been a long couple of months. Rue finally got her fingers on the piano, she played the sweetest little melody. The girls enjoyed it while eating there dinner. Ana swayed to the beat of the music. Mean while Vance was trimming up the garden.

Ana walked up to her idol, even if Rue did not know it. “Rue, that was such an amazing peice, maybe we could do a collabrate for the school talent show.” Rue yawns.
“What part of don’t bloody talk to me, do you NOT understand.”
Rue turned her nose in the Air and stomed into the house.

Ana sighed and decided it is time to take some action. She was over living this way. She could not sleep. So she got up in the middle of the night, what a genious idea she had.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

1.11 Say what?

Vance and Jordan decide they needed some more time for them. So Jordan read her babies each a story and tucked them into bed. Then gave the older girls a few stern words.

After a fabulous night out with friends. Eating cheese and crackers while drinking wine. Jordan and Vance are silent. They know it hasn't been easy keeping this relationship together. But they are both trying their hardest to cope with it all.

Just before the sun rose, Ana got up and decided to play the keyboard.  Luckily they had no neighbors to listen to the noise and the family had been use to noise of music, since her dad started with the drums.
Ana had also started writing little harmonious songs.

Sunday sessions usually entail a household clean up.  Something is usually broken, So Jordan fixes it, something.  Ana is usually cleaning, Rue goes to work and Vance is usually hungry.

Jade and Teagan age up to beautiful little girls.  Their birthday was just a quiet family celebration.  Their family is big enough anyway.  Not even enough room on the picnic table for everyone to fit.  Not that everyone eats at the same time anyway.

Rue helps with the chores for once.  While the smallest sisters admire Ana's music.   This pisses Rue off, so she faces the other way.  "There is no way She is going to beat me."  Rue thinks to herself.

Rue may not have very good people skills.  But she knows how to cook.  Jade LOVES her steak and cheese sammiches the most.

"Can you make them for dinner?  PLEASE!"  pleads Jade.

The next morning, Vance gets to sleep in, he sleeps until just after everyone leaves the house.  The silence is killing him, so he goes to turn on the tv to make some noise.

Later that night just as they were about to go to bed, it started.

"You just think you are so much better then me don't you, well the game is on.  I am going to win every time.  Your nothing Ana, nothing!  You can't even keep your grades up!"

"WOAH, back off a bit buddy.  What is your problem."

"You, and it has been since the day you were born." retorts Rue

"What the?"

Monday, November 14, 2011

1.10 Vote for me! NO ME!

The usual Family domestics involves Rue learning to cook, while Mother fixes some guys stereo.  Jordan is quite handy despite being a woman.  She does not think that her girls should try these things though, their arms would fall off.

After a lovely mother daughter evening, everyone ate Rues supper (which was surprisingly good) then headed off to bed.  Night night.

While the girls are at school and Mum is at work, Vance stayed at home with Jade and Teagan.  They like sitting out side with dad while he does the garden.  Some times Vance dreams of having a boy - but he is not that keen.

Jordan is out and about handing out fliers.  Talking people into coming to their up and coming movie.  Its one of the easier parts of the Job and she gets to meet people.  Even if some of them have questionable taste in clothing.

Once goes out to play for tips.  Everyone is around for his performance this evening. He made $1,100 in tips.  GO VANCE!

Vance: "This is how I roll"
New way of doing dishes - now back to the story...

With the money he made last night.  Vance treats his girls.  He spends the day doing up the older girls new bed room.  They don't need to have the hassle of their little sisters and need some space of their own.
They even get a view of the bay.  The girls are stoked it is sectioned into their favorite colours.

Poor Vance, looking after all his girls.  Either parent knows how life would have been if Vance had the chance to get a normal job.  But He thinks Jordan deserved to go after her dreams, since his dreams can be fulled once Jordan is home from work

He is just glad he has the two older girls who will help as much as they can.  Rue is just happy she doesn't have to touch the dirty and gross potty.

Jordan convinces Vince that they should head out and relax.  Kind of like a date.  It is not very often they spend time alone anymore.  This is exactly what they need.   They know the girls will not throw parties while they are away, its not their type of thing.

Jarabi comes over to hang out will Rue while Ana is at work.  BIG HUGS.  They have been dating since the twins Bday.

Rue can flirt him into doing anything.  Thats her thing
"Jay, you wanna know what I wanna do?  You know since the kids are all in bed and Ana isn't here." Rue says.
"What?" Jay asks slyly.

Rue goes in for the kill.  Jarabi never complains.

Teenage hormones get the better of the both of them.  You won't guess where they ended up.

Rue kicks Jarabi out of the house, before someone comes home to catch them.  Then runs off to the shower and gets clean sheets.   Jarabi thinks he is a man now.


Rue: "I ate all the apple pie."

Ana: "Gosh, your so selfish."

Rue: "I know right, I can't wait until I'm heir either."

Ana: "Like HELL you are.  Your totally not mentally stable enough for that shit.

Rue: "You just wait." *Que Evil laugh*

HEIR VOTE TIME!  I love them both so much I can't choose.