Monday, November 28, 2011

1.12 Enough Already.

Vance stays up late to do the dishes. He wonders what he can do to help his daughters get along again. At this rate, neither one of the girls are going to have a throat.

It is pointless thinking too much about it. So get gets ready for bed. He pulls his wife over to him playfully, and gives her a deep sensual kiss. Jordan looked back into her husbands eyes and smiled. Even though everything is going up and down, she knows she has a man who loves her and needs her much the same.

Rue is in the kitchen cooking breakfast for the family, while he mother gets the girls ready. All this stress has put Ana into clean mode. She is tempted to talk to her sister, but decideds against it.

She goes to make Rue’s bed instead. Not to be nice, but because she is a messy tart and Ana can't deal with the mess.

That night, Jordan and Vance watch their little red head play, from the bedroom window. Both parents know how hard she is taking this, and if it is the music that soothes her soul. Then so be it.

Everyone had been so busy, that no one noticed the rotting food in the fridge. While Vance is out making money Jordan finds it harder to find things to do.

So everything her husband leaves the house, she starts to work out. That way she can talk to their youngest daughters while they play the blocks.

Vance gets out to enjoy the sunshine to relax - but as we know, Vance does not know relaxing unless he has those drum sticks in his hands. He made about $71, not too great, but they are getting there.

That night the family all gathered outside, well Jordan was inside asleep on the couch. It has been a long couple of months. Rue finally got her fingers on the piano, she played the sweetest little melody. The girls enjoyed it while eating there dinner. Ana swayed to the beat of the music. Mean while Vance was trimming up the garden.

Ana walked up to her idol, even if Rue did not know it. “Rue, that was such an amazing peice, maybe we could do a collabrate for the school talent show.” Rue yawns.
“What part of don’t bloody talk to me, do you NOT understand.”
Rue turned her nose in the Air and stomed into the house.

Ana sighed and decided it is time to take some action. She was over living this way. She could not sleep. So she got up in the middle of the night, what a genious idea she had.


  1. Ooh; what's this idea of hers?

    Rue is being a butt head. For reals.

  2. What is wrong with Rue??? Poor Ana.

  3. Yeah, poor Ana. I can't wait to see what her idea is!

  4. Is it bad that I kind of want to slap Rue? I feel so sorry for Ana!