Friday, December 2, 2011

Chapter One: Another brick in the Road.

It is the weekend and Ana has decided to remove herself from her poisious surroundings. She goes to hang out with her school friend Zander Sholtz, they don’t get to see eachother too often. Z shows Ana his new house. He just not long started building it, since he left the orphanage. Zander can be quite handy. For now the house has no bed rooms, but he makes do.

Zander is discusted to hear about Rues issues. She always seem kind of.... blunt, but never really nasty.
“You know you can come stay here when ever you need Ana, I have bunks.” Zander winks at her. He is rather proud of his bunks. He never got to have any as a kid.
Ana just giggles.

Rue retreats to Jamie's house. Jamie is rather upset that Rue is eating his ice cream and sulks in the corner.

Jarabi treats the Malkier house as a second home. Jordan is rather unimpressed by the way Rue and Jarabi have been acting. She also thinks she should of had “the talk” with them a LONG time ago. She didn't want to be that annoyingly naggy mother though.

No place is safe - From the KISSING MONSTAAAAAAA.

Ana gets home in time to catch the end of her mothers ghost stories.
I really need to get out of here. She thinks.

When Ana walks into the bedroom, she finds something unsuspecting.

WOW, shit, I never seen that one comming. That is the cherry on the cake. Ana proceeds to text Zander, then lies awake for hours.

Ana explains to her parents what her plans are, she does not tell them about Rues pregnancy, as she would rather die then expose that time bomb. They understand and give her their blessing.

After Ana finishes packing. Jordan takes her in with a BIG hug.
“I love you my baby, forever and always.” Jordan whispers.
“I love you too. But I am only moving around the corner.”
Jordan grips her daughter in her hands and looks at the beautiful girl.
“Drop by later if you can?”
“of course Mum, its not every day your mother gets old”
Jordan laughs and clips her daughter around the ear.

Weather she is scared or excited, one will never know.

Zander makes dinner. He really wants to make a good impression. Ana just sits and talks to him about what she wants to do job wise. She was thinking about going into music. Not like her father, but an actual career. Zander thinks that is a marvelous idea. He is still undecided, but he defiantly doesn't want an office job.

The two watch a spoony romance movie, before Ana heads down to her parent's house.

Goodbye youth, it was good while it lasted.

Enough cheering, where is the bloody cake. Jordan does have a secret agenda, at least her girls are celebrating together.
Maybe she can help them get back on track. If only she knew.

* - * - * - * - *

If any one you have any ideas on how I can improve my legacy, writing skills, picture size, ANYTHING.   Feel free to saying so.  I am open to any idea you all may have.

So, as it goes, here is Ana's generation role.
2 Children.
Primary: Music (Classical)
Secondry: Farmer.
Gen goal.: Hobby or Obsession
More Fun: The Joker.

I didn't end up taking out any or Ana's skill points either.  She has lived her life and the legacy is just have a bit of a take 2.  So I kind of am cheating, but hey.
Also I aged both the twins up Ana  looks the same, and Rue seems to have grown into her face.  And here is a pic, just because.  I did change her hair though.


  1. lol that last picture clips so bad, in everyway possible.

  2. The only suggestion I have to be is to make each chapter longer! We want more!

  3. D'aaaw. Jordan's such a cute lil' old lady. And Zander's quite the hottie... I look forward to seeing what him and Ana's babies look like.

    I can't wait to see how Rue handles being a mother. Maybe it'll tame her a bit (Really doubt it).

  4. Rue is preggo?!

    I love that last picture; it's so adorable.

  5. Off-topic: seriously! giga, its still 2nd December here and you tipped your comment on the third! I think I'll never get used to those weird concepts of time! Its like I live in your past lol.

    Righto on topic it is! I think rue grew into get nose for sure! As for advice.....seriously i'm not the person for giving that, I just started! As I said before I love the way you write! Perhaps you should use the "taking back to you" stuff more like you did with Jordan ! That was hilarious! As if she was aware of being played!

  6. ^Ha. Time travel is possible! But only if you live in different portions of the globe. I feel like this is some horrible spin-off of Quantum Leap, ya' know... minus the weird body switching. :P

  7. Well that was certainly a surprise!!