Wednesday, October 12, 2011

1.9 Rue rules the roost.

Dear little Ana, has a lot to think about.   It took her an hour to get through her bowl.
She has been worried about her Mum, and the things growing inside her belly.
What if it doesn't like her, or cry all the time, or even worse, Mum and dad love IT more.
. . . . . I hope its a boy. . . . . .

Well, at least she has Rue, to occupy her.

Jordan, once again, cooks up a storm while pregnant.
Jordan: "I'm bloody hungry, is why.  Or do you not eat or shit?"

Ana: "Rue can we play another game, I'm getting tired."
Rue: "Once a quitter, always a quitter."
Ana: *falls down* "I guess I just quit."
Rue: "loser."

So, While Rue ran about outside, with the wind blowing in her hair, and the sun warming her face.
Ana sat inside and played with toys, while Jordan reads up on the local hot spots.

When Jordan heads to the holy grail, she goes into labor.
Meanwhile, the bitch behind the bar just carries on like usual.
"Hello lady, a little help here."

The bar maid eventually called Jordan a cab, and Vance arrived just in time for his child to be born.
Which were in fact, more twins.
and even more amazing, Twin Girls....
"Oh god, I am stuck in a house full of girls". Vance thinks to himself.  
Because if he said it aloud, Jordan would have slapped him.

 As time went on,  all the girls grew in their own way.
Rue still went along, on her own.  Having two squealing babies done nothing for her imagination.
Ana, who was so worried, had nothing to worried about.  She was so happy to have TWO beautiful baby sisters.  She was hoping they would both end up with her red hair.
Which, neither of them got.

Your sure you didn't jump the fence Jordz.

Teggy looks just like her daddy though.

Jabari Hawthorne and Jamie Lio were invited by the girls, from school.
The rest were just some of Jordans friends, who among them, were famous people.

Rue was a bit slow at blowing out the candles.
Uriah Malloy jamed out on the portable piano, the girls got from their parents.

Photographer is going to die, in approximately   5.....4.....3....2..... if only looks could kill. 

Woop, party, shit, I should probably breath too.

 Oh, look Ana, we are FABULOUS!

Ok, Maybe one picture.  Oh you idiot, you took it too early.

Now, It's time to paaaaartay :D

Ana agree's, it is not a party, without cake.

Kylee Ali-Madrigal thinks Ana should coach her baby in music.
Ana thinks that is a great idea, she has been doing the same with her baby sisters.

 Rue spends the evening talking to Jabari about her dads awesome music.
Ana gets annoyed when people are in the way of her cake.

Vance asks Uriah to join his band.
Uriah is enthusiastic about this and suggests they name their band Synergy.
Vance agrees, hence it is a better name then his band in Charlton.

Rue goes to sleep a happy girl.  Knowing, the party she organized, was a HUGE success.
Verging on epic.

*   *    *    *    *    *   *    *    *    *

I have given the new babes random traits.

Rue got the Ambitious Trait, and Ana got the neat trait (I chose those) I think I am going to give Rue the snob trait last hehe, it makes me laugh the things she does.

As for the Challange, I have completed everything but the buying 3 business's which I doubt I can make, considering I only have $330 simoleons in the bank.  Oh dear!

Also, I don't get Jades hair colour.. .. ... ...

Monday, October 10, 2011

1.8 Family Bliss.

Today is the girls first day.
They weren't super excited and jumped onto the bus.
Meanwhile Jordan ran off to work, not without putting little notes in the twins bag.

 Which left Vance with the precious garden.
I really wonder who's garden, this belongs too.

Ana decided that after school, she would go join Ballet class.
So Rue just come home.  Vance had only just finished lunch.

"Hey baby, how was your first day of school?"
"Daddy, you know I am not a baby anymore.  That usually stops, when you don't need to wipe my butt no more."
"Erm, thanks for the visual Rue.  Back to the original question, How was school?"
"good, met a few kids. Off to the Wilsonoff Community Theater, can you sign my form please daddy."
"Sure thing babe face."
*Rues sighs*

Homework time was spent getting help from dad, or in Ana's case, somewhere around town.  She loves scenic spots to concentrate.

Once the girls where in bed, Vance headed down to the theater, where he preformed the rimshots for a comedian.  Everyone thought that he was so fab, that he scored himself $700 and 100 celebrity points.

Ana: "Oh god mum, can't you wait till I am out of here!"
Yeah right Ana.

The Malkier parents, bond with the earth and each other.

Ana: "Wow mum you look pretty."
Rue: "I think you need a jacket or something."
Jordan: "Oh, you silly darling.  Mums heading out, go brush your teeth, and I shall read you girls a story."

So, on other adventures.. . . 
Vance races the girls to the beach, having a head start always works well.

 Vance: "Took you girls long enough."
Rue: "Dad, its only a race if you start at the same time."
Ana: "So I WIN, yaaaay."
Rue: "For crying out loud!."

Vance:  "Right kids, time to go fishing."

Your ment to stand Ana, not fall on your butt.
While Rue on the other hand, goes further away, so the fish don't hear the ground vibrate.

Ana: "Look Daddy, I caught one."

Rue: Ugh cow, come on fishys.

Rue: "HAHA mines bigger."
Vance: "Now now, No need for that.  MINES BIGGER."

Ana: Oooh pretty shiny things .
And so, Ana goes on to find the pirate treasure.

And admire the view.

Vance: "Come on kids, time to head home, for dinner."

 Ana gets worked up when they talk about music.

Playing tag in the dark.
Ana: "Dad, I don't think you should, get that close to the edge."

 Rue: " Mommy, you should start exercising with me.  Your kind of getting fat."
 Jordan: "Well, there is a reason for that."

Jordan: "I am pregnant that is why."
Rue: "Ewwww, do we have to keep them?"
Jordan: "Haha, yes darling.  Don't fret over it baby."

Jordan: "So, what do you think babe?"
Vance: "It is awesome, how come you didn't tell me earlier."
Jordan: "Kinda just found out."

Vance: "Hey there wee fella." 

Naw he is a loving husband (even though he is having a mid life crisis and wants to leave her.  NO YOUR NOT)

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