Friday, October 7, 2011

1.7 Welcome to Queenstown

Vance goes out fishing.  He is worried about money, and their families predicament.  He feels bad for following his dream as a musician.  But also does not want his baby girls left with a stranger.  Jordan brings in most of the money, and she also needs to follow her dreams.  This is what bought them together in the first place.  *sigh*

Vance thinks about this some more. 

Mean while, Jordan is teaching Rue to use the potty.
Jordan: "Such a clever wee girl you are." 

Is Jordan gagging from the smell, or that creepy bloody doll? 

Our little Ana is going to have twinkle toes, I am sure! 

Rue: "what the hell are you doing dad" 

 Rue: "Errr, I shall just hide in here"
Jordan: "Take that BITCH!"
Vance: "Ouch, that hurt me."
 Jordan had been handing out fliers all day, to promote an up coming movie.  
But everyone she met was a Elder. . . 
 Jordan: "Babe, I been thinking.  Neither of us are getting anywhere here.  I think its about time we start freash."
Vance: "Yeah, actually, I was thinking about that the other night.  I also found a cute little house we can go look at, in Queentown."
Jordan: "Sounds perfect, How about we go have a look tomorrow, yeah."
Vance: "Perfect.   I love how amazing you are, Jordz."

And so they went.
And bought the house as soon as they seen it.  It needed some landscaping though.
(wtf is with those dolls) 

 Veiw of the bay, from the garden.
 First things first, Jordan needed to plant some vegies in the garden.  Never trust the supermarket Ugh.
 Then the family headed out to the park, for an adventure.

Vance: "Woah dude, your an astronaut." 
Rue: "errrr, sure . . . Dad." 
 Dad jams out on the drums, while mum plays on the slide.
(I just love how Vance plays his drunks every 5 mins lol.) 
 After a long day, the family heads home, for some much needed rest.

*  *   *    *    *   *   *  * 

 Dad stays home, while mum does to work.
Vance: "Dad, Daaaaaad, Dad,   Say Dad Rue."
Rue: *side ways glance* "Mummie"
Vance: *sigh* 
 Ana - our future muscian.

Jordan is out promoting the movie,  in a much busier town. 

 Jordan: " Woah, I think the aliens are here to get us.."
Random Dude: "or your just trippin?  what drink did you order, I wouldn't mind some"

 After work, Jordan sits down and enjoys the piece and quiet she doesn't get at home.
Even if it is the book, her boss gave her to read.  She enjoys it. 

 Jordan: "come on hunny, eat up your snail sushi."
Vance: "It's whaaaat!!"
Jordan: "Just kidding hehe"

*     *     *     *     *       *      *      *      * 
That night, Vance heads out into the street , to try and make some much needed extra dosh.

 This man REALLY likes Vance.
Out of $184 he made,  Blue suit man paid $150.

*   *    *    *    *   *   *

The next day Jordan is out promoting her movie again. 

And after work, is the girls birthday.  Jordan invited her co workers, as they hadn't met anyone else yet.
But they just seemed to argue...... 

 Rue, as styley as ever - Earnt the Virtuoso trait.
Ana - Is now officially Brave.  Well you have to be to eat a cake dad made :P
(I love how green Ana's eyes are)


  1. <3 Vance. He reminds me of a lot of dudes I know.
    I'm glad you got yourself moved okay.

  2. The kids are cute! I still like Ana the best...

  3. Yep Dad cake could be lethal :D Wow so is that a custom town your using? It looks amazin!

  4. Oooh, Kayla, did you finish your park? Also, have to be a bit of a loner but I am really like Rue. I happen to enjoy her sarcasm and attitude and reminds me of Jordan. :)

  5. Aw... the girls are cute.

    And I love how you wrote Vance and Jordan's relationship; so adorable. : )

  6. Angie, that world is queenstown by awesims. Its actually based on a real town here, which is named queenstown and its brilliant. and No I didn't make the park heaven, it was an extra sarah from awesims had for download. there is a church and a park. although, I would have rather used yours.

  7. Awww i might have to download this world :)