Wednesday, October 5, 2011

1.6 Chores and things

The Garden carried on being the heart of their home.
Jordan hoped that their children would take over in helping them with it, one day. 

They never lost their affection for one another either. 

Jordan: "Errr Vance did you fart?" 

When Jordan wasn't working, or gardening, she was reading the paper. 

Until she got some news. 

Vance was the main laundry man.  Cluesless to many things.  He was struggling to make money. 

So that day, he decided to whip up a salad.   He secretly made this as so he didn't burn it. 

Jordan: "babe, this is delish." 
Vance: "I noticed, considering it is your third plate." 

Jordan: "So babe, don't like freak out or anything but I have a bun in the oven"

Vance: "Oh yum, is it the garlic stuff?"
Jordan:  *sigh*  "no I ment, I am up the duff."
Vance: "Oh, thats still cool.  Choice." 

So Jordan decides to whip up some stuff to store in the freezer.  To keep everyone happy.
Their is no way in hell, her family is going to eat takeaways. 

 The romance still blossoms, as does Jordan.

Jordan. "yeah, it's called hungry hungry hippo."
 Me - *sigh*

Good to see some things never change.  Make the pregnant lady do all the hard work. 

And in the time of need, the hospital rug decided not to work. *sigh* so home birth it is. 

And they had a Beautiful little girl.

(More music to set the mood.) 

 (this looks so awkward, but oh so cute)

PennyBack (it's the name the game gave them lol)
Well, anyway, they got their first gig. 

Danica Burkett, was so glad she had them play at her bar.
She paid Vance $270 and he got some celeb points. 

Afterwards, the family headed to Shermans swimsuit party.
Ever since Sherman became Jordan's boss, and getting old, everyone had got over the cheating ordeal.

Except for Tia, which, if looks could kill, Jordan would be dead. 

Tia and Sherman's daughter, Didn't like her mother picking up the Malkier babe.....
But don't panic - all went well and all parties survived the night.  They are adults after all.

(And personally Tia should not of stayed and had so many kids with the dirt bag) 

Also - I have a confession to make.
Jordan and Vance, actually had twins. 


  1. Couple � You must obtain a spouse or unmarried partner.

    Number of children: 2

    Primary Income: Music (Classical)

    Secondary Income: Farmer - Grow and sell your own produce. Nectar Making is considered part of farming.

    Generation Goal: Hobby, or Obsession? - Pick a 'Hobby' for your Sim, based on their traits. It can be anything you want, as long as the traits support it. For instance, a Sim with 'Genius' could play chess, a Sim with 'Commitment Issues' could sleep around, etc. The heir (and spouse where applicable) must spend at least 5 Sim hours a week pursuing their hobby. Your Sim must not make money from this hobby. If you use writing, then only use 'Practise writing' and not 'Write a book' The heir and spouse must roll separately for their hobbies.

    More Fun: The Joker - If you roll this, then you do not have a Misc Fun objective for this Generation. However,you also have a Get Out of Jail Free Card. Your Sim's are allowed ONE re-roll of Challenge objectives if you get a result that for whatever reason you can't / don't want to complete. (incompatibility, repeat of a previous generation etc.) This re-roll can be saved until it is needed.

    This is my second gen, well re gen1 roll. So the clear heir is Ana.

  2. wait wait wait, or it could be Rue . . . We shall see ;)

  3. Ana is definitely the cutest as a toddler, but that could change as they grow up.

    The picture of Vance giving the thumbs up made me laugh, and the pictures of him with the kids are adorable!

  4. I like that Ana has Jordan's red hair, so she's automatically my favorite. Their matching toddler hair do's are too cute!

  5. Oh how i LOL'd at that picture of Tia! Super cutie babies though hard to pick a favourite but i love the name Rue :)

  6. I *loved* Vance's reaction to the pregnancy!

  7. Hahahaha I giggle when I caught that myself.

    And I like Ana too, I wish she was Rue :P but the game must go on.

  8. They are so cute. I can't wait to see how they look as they get older!

  9. D: psycho lady has baby, *tackles psycho lady to ground and takes baby* oh lol you, nice twist at the end

  10. Tia's expression was priceless. Lol.