Thursday, November 17, 2011

1.11 Say what?

Vance and Jordan decide they needed some more time for them. So Jordan read her babies each a story and tucked them into bed. Then gave the older girls a few stern words.

After a fabulous night out with friends. Eating cheese and crackers while drinking wine. Jordan and Vance are silent. They know it hasn't been easy keeping this relationship together. But they are both trying their hardest to cope with it all.

Just before the sun rose, Ana got up and decided to play the keyboard.  Luckily they had no neighbors to listen to the noise and the family had been use to noise of music, since her dad started with the drums.
Ana had also started writing little harmonious songs.

Sunday sessions usually entail a household clean up.  Something is usually broken, So Jordan fixes it, something.  Ana is usually cleaning, Rue goes to work and Vance is usually hungry.

Jade and Teagan age up to beautiful little girls.  Their birthday was just a quiet family celebration.  Their family is big enough anyway.  Not even enough room on the picnic table for everyone to fit.  Not that everyone eats at the same time anyway.

Rue helps with the chores for once.  While the smallest sisters admire Ana's music.   This pisses Rue off, so she faces the other way.  "There is no way She is going to beat me."  Rue thinks to herself.

Rue may not have very good people skills.  But she knows how to cook.  Jade LOVES her steak and cheese sammiches the most.

"Can you make them for dinner?  PLEASE!"  pleads Jade.

The next morning, Vance gets to sleep in, he sleeps until just after everyone leaves the house.  The silence is killing him, so he goes to turn on the tv to make some noise.

Later that night just as they were about to go to bed, it started.

"You just think you are so much better then me don't you, well the game is on.  I am going to win every time.  Your nothing Ana, nothing!  You can't even keep your grades up!"

"WOAH, back off a bit buddy.  What is your problem."

"You, and it has been since the day you were born." retorts Rue

"What the?"


  1. Whew! Man, what is going on with Rue?

    I'm sad to see Jordan and Vance drifting apart. I hope they are able to rekindle their romance/find more time for each other now that the girls are growing up. ; )

  2. I like that last picture of Ana. She is quite pretty. :)

    I feel bad for Vance. There's a lot of women in that one house with just the one guy. Poor man.