Friday, September 23, 2011

1.1 Say Hello to Jordan.

"So yeah, I am Jordan. Nice to meet you. I just moved here."

"So I bought a plot of land. Got some builders to set me up with something little."
"It is nothing spectacular but it does the job.

"It is rather cozy actually." *Grins*

I doubt this need's any explanation.

"Why hello Andres, how are you"
" Errrrr, how did you get my number?"
"Oh don't you worry petal, I have my ways"
". . . . . . "
"Well have a good day, Cherio" *hangs up phone*

Looks like a nice day, to hang out at the park and meet some new people.

Oh if only you were hotter . . . . .

Damn, a day for skinny dipping is it. May have to invest in my own swimming pool.

Taxi ride to the pub yeah!

OooOO Look how suave this place is. * re applied lipgloss*

Why hellooooooo you.

Why hello Raymond . . . . . "Can I please order some food"

*nom nom nom* Good old cheese platter yeah (I am sure this classes not an instant meal yeah?)

"so here *passes over paper* is my number, give me a call any time*
"I need to be off now..... work in the morning"
"so . . . what do you do" said Raymond.
"now that would be telling *wink*"

Stop in to the store to get a few necessities.

And stop in at the nectary to pick some vegies, to start my own garden.

Oh dear, what a long day.

Good night my precious Jordan. *MUAH*


  1. Good start; can't wait to see where Jordan goes.
    : )

    What town are you using btw? It's pretty.

  2. Oh I need to do a CC page and actually make this one pretty lol.

    My friend Armiel made it. She is bloody amazing!!

  3. Hah. I was thinking about downloading this last week or so... now I have an excuse. : )

  4. Andres Wang you say!(Guffaws into my hand!)

    I'm enjoying this already it has your trademark humour in it which tickles me a lot :)

  5. oh hahahahaha love the call to her new boss :D

  6. how does that play with pets or the update?? I wanted to download it a short while ago, but was hesitant because of the major alarm on top of it that says it's pre-pets.....

    I love the way you write your story btw!! :D