Friday, September 30, 2011

1.4 Smile.

(Listen to this song - better effect lol)

Every since Jordan was a child.  All she ever wanted to be, was loved.
First she wanted her parents to love her,  that got her no where though.
The both of them were so involved in their work and partying life style,
that Jordan was left at home with the Nanny.
Jordan tried to do her best to please her parents.  And when they paid 
no attention to that she tried every horrible thing she could think of.
All for their attention.  She couldn't care less about the pony, or the
ride on bull.  She wanted them there, to tell her they loved her.
Just like her friends parents.

Then she always had to be the best in her friends group.
Jordan, was in fact Queen Bee.  Until her cruel ways got the better of her.
Slowly she slid under the radar.   So much under, that she found her self 
under Mike Lang at the age of 15.  He soon moved onto other girls
after that.  
This had all taken hold in Jordan's heart, mind and soul.
But despite all this,   Jordan still had the fight to find her love.
Her friend.   The one to hold her when she is weak and to support her
when she is strong.

She knew what was planned for her life, the moment, she met 
Vance Mcpherson.

Yes we know Jordan is not your traditional kind of girl.  But she did this with style.

Not too long before that. . . . . 

Vance and Jordan had been dating for a while.  Nothing really much had been going on.
Jordan had been slaving her bum off, to get a promotion.  Which she has finally just got.

Jordan:  "So how about a HELLZ YEAH! my first job promotion WHOOP!"

And then went home and done all the boring chores around the house .......

 Cooking up a storm as usual.  Atleast we cant burn Salad >.<
 Jordan has become quite Handy with the spanner.
 Jordan: "and YES napping is classed as a chore!"
And then she got paid to fix some dudes tv.  Although I doubt this is a safe way to do it.
Kids do NOT try this at home.

SO anywho....

The next day was just as boring....

 Jordan got up at the crack of dawn and cleaned her house.  (between you an me, it was LONG over due)
 Burnt something, I am not completely sure what . . . .
Then headed off to the Nectary to harvest some more plants.  This time, Jordan thinks she is going to take care of her garden.  Like she would anything else.  Nourish it, and sing to it.

Jordan then hopped off to work.
At work her boss (who happens to be Sherman or what ever his face is - cheateing ass) Chose her to go run the production, of The State of the City, with the President.  She was to go down to city hall and NOT screw it up.

Jordan: "Yeah right, as if my perfection would screw anything up."

I have my doubts love.

 So Jordan jumped in the taxi and headed of her way, quite proud.
 Wow, just look at city hall, it is amazing.
And Jordan walking into the doors, as confidant as ever.

Jordan: "Does this mean that I get to be friends with the Mayor now?   Also suck on that miss negative."
*rolls eyes*

Jordan proceeded to call Vance - she decided dinner and a boogie was the best way to celebrate.
and the boogying turned into being all mushy and grose.
Jordan: "Jealousy gets you no where love."

The Next Day.

SO . . .  . . .  The lazy girl finally put her garden back in,  and managed to save a tomato plant, Naw.
But let's just see how she manages to take care of it ha.

Then Jordan decided to meet Vance down at the little fishing spot by her house.
She was completely calm as usual.  I don't really know how she pulls it off.

Vance: "Jords, what on earth are you doing down there, if you down hurry up and get out of there, your going to catch a chill."
Jordan: "Oh, cut that out you fuddy duddy."

Jordan: "Vance todd Mcpherson, I have been searching long for a pure spirit like yours.
and I was . . . .
just. . . . . . . . .
kind of . . . . . .
wondering. . . .
If you would like to Marry me?"

Vance: "Oh my giddy aunt."


Jordan:  What a relief, I didn't have to freeze my ass off for nothing.
And yes, Vance gets his girly moment.

Nothing like a awkward hug to celebrate their union.

Jordan: "So my pettle, would you like to move in before or after the wedding."
Vance: "Well, unless your planning on having the wedding tomorrow . . . *cough* . . .  I think I can suss out moving in tomorrow."

Vance: " I love you, more then fat kids love cake."
Jordan: "Hehe, I think you may have to prove that one."

and so he did

*    *     *     *     *    *     *     *     *    *    *     *     *     *    *
Writer's notes.
And this is where we welcome Vance to our family


  1. Welcome to the Challenge Vance! Can't wait to see what these kids get up to. : )

  2. What a beautiful proposal scene! Jordan looked very, um, wet. :)

    And I loved Vance's response. Never heard that one before, lol. He is adorable. And your pictures are fabulous. I'm jealous.

  3. Yes Vance is so awesome! And nice fifty cent ref thrown in too ~ loves it :)

  4. Yay so everyone can comment, nothing was wrong with it at all. Thanks for all the support kids.

  5. I love the watery proposal scene!

  6. Yeah well I actually got the idea from when they went fishing and I seen her standing in the water, epic idea that was.

  7. i liked the proposal but i liked "I love you, more then fat kids love cake" more xD

  8. Yay Vance! Also when Jordan proposed, it was very beautiful!