Sunday, September 25, 2011

1.2 speachless

Good Morning my little darling red head.
Yes, I would wake up not feeling too s**t hot, after a whole four hours sleep.
It is going to be a looooong day, and an early night for you I feel.
Jordan: "Would you shut the hell up, your not my mom"

Start the day with a nice hot shower.

Why hello sexy lady. Yes you scrub that face.
Jordan: "shut up and stop being a perv."

True Fact - It took Jordan an hour and 10 mins to make ONE plate of waffles. . . . Jordan is going to be cooking in her spare time me thinks.

Some one should not of spent all night perving at bartenders. Home to bed for you. 3pm.

12.30am eh rise and shine poppet!

Oh oops. Someone forgot to pick some lettuce *noms some grapes* OFF TO THE NECTORY!!!

Yeah, there seems to be a habbit of gardening in the dark yeah.
Right, back home and do some much needs fun stuff. Or I am never going to get a promotion.

Served Waffles .... Yay!

Late to work AGAIN errr.... $96 dollars I made today. Wooohoooo I have a grand total of $5025 in my savings. Also, time to give myself some TLC before I start planting.

The evening involved these things. Sleep, waffles for dinner, dished, watching tv, read the book from work (what happens when I accidentally push cancel opportunity?) then chucked her into bed for a few hours.

Wake up, go to toilet .... Errr Jordan hon.... WHAT THE FRICK DID YOU JUST DO!

Jodan: "Clean me from this filth... ughk."

and the shower too?? *sigh*

Then the Bills...... $47

AND I am tired.

Will this week just give me a break. Left work with $79.... Yeah so what if I finished at 12 when I am ment to finish at 2.



Wake up an 7pm and plant some lettuce and tomatoes. Oh yeah!

Ring the boss and talk about make up - yeah we all know your a Tranny hooker.

Read the paper, cuz it is funz. And no, I am not old yet!


Unblock the Loo, nom.

bashed the shit out of the shower, girls with tools are hot right?

Then off to bed we march, high ho, high ho, hig ho high ho high ho

Woke up grumpy, but atleast we got the carpool on time

Then home for a sleep.

Woke up did fun stuffs like dishes and read "how to get noticed by not being seen" and I really enjoyed it. Made my day.


Errrr.... maybe no more.... ever..... don't even say that word ever.

Went to work on friday, fully rested and in a good mood. and come home with $125 oh yeah.

Celeb siting at Nevilles Nectar, dont forget Casey's party or he will be pissed. Its not like he told me he was getting married or anything. . . . doop.

So, no celeb sightings. But hello you.

Why hellooooooo Sherman. Your eyes hypnotize me.
So mate, got to dash. Here is my number *slips into pocket*

CASEYYYYY my bestest buddy and work mate.
"So why are you having a pool party, you don't even own a pool???"
Casey:" an excuse to perv, when my wifey isn't watching.

"dude, are you cerial? Your so weird sometimes"

Why hello again Sherman.

And your star sign is . . . . . da nana naaaaaa.... WHO CARES, we are freaken compatible.

Sherman: "yeah I so think your hot too"

Jordan: "So, you wanna go out sometime?"
Sherman: "sure babe, now would be excellent."

Sherman: "oh my god, I was just about in why did this happen now."
Jordan: "Yeah, what idiot pregnant lady goes to a party, when she is due, anyway."

YOU ****** ***** CHEATING ***** ****
Eff you Sherman, you can rot in hell.

YAY FOR THE WEEKEND! Plenty more fishes in the sea :)


  1. Hahaha. Sherman. What a player! Lol.

    Your commentary is hilarious. I especially love the last picture, Jordan's expression is priceless.

  2. Oh my god why are you so funny?! xD I nearly died from laughing! I've never had so much fun from one of these before. Your commentary is just spectacular.

    Please don't ever change. <3 I needed this today.

  3. Awwww thank you guys. I didn't see it like that but hey - I guess I am. Wanna know something else thats funny - is so fully my self sim haha

  4. Sherman you great big tart you! He wasn't good enough anyways, unless she gets with him next chapter then i reserve the right to back track!

  5. LMAO!!! Bad bad bad sherman!!! (you just gotta love SP)

  6. I love the way you're telling the story - your humor is great!!!

    Damn, and Sherman was cute, too...

  7. LOL. So great so far! I love how Jordan is all about some waffles!

    That bit with Sherman was hilarious as well. Although his wife didn't think that. O_O